Oregon Crazy Law

  • Canned corn is not to be used as bait for fishing.
  • Ice cream may not be eaten on Sundays.
  • Dishes must drip dry.
  • It is illegal to buy or sell marijuana, but it is legal to smoke it on your own property.
  • You may not pump your own gas in service stations.
  • The "Peer Review Statute" prohibits you from finding out details of any written or oral discussion about your medical treatment. Not even a court of law can. All you can access is what the doctor or nurse voluntarily records in your chart.
  • One may not bathe without wearing "suitable clothing," i.e.,that which covers one's body from neck to knee.


  • You must buy a $10 permit to be allowed to install a burglar alarm.


  • It is legal to conduct a horse race or a symphony concert.
  • It is illegal to show movies or attend a car race on Sundays. (Repealed in the 1970s)

    Hood River

  • Juggling is strictly prohibited without a license.

    Klamath Falls

  • It's illegal to walk down a sidewalk and knock a snakes head off with your cane.


  • People may not whistle underwater.
  • It's against the law for a wedding ceremony to be performed at a skating rink. (Repealed in 1989)
  • You cannot wear roller skates in restrooms.


  • Ministers are forbidden from eating garlic or onions before delivering a sermon.

    Myrtle Creek

  • One may not box with a kangaroo.


  • Women may not wrestle in Salem.


  • It is illegal to own a reptile within the city limits, unless you are a school or city, as a pet.


  • No more than two people may share a single drink.
  • Cloth towel dispensers are banned from restrooms.

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