Reasons for Devotion

A Christian, a Moslem, and a Jewish man, all very pious, met

at an interfaith congress and got to talking about the

experiences that had lead to their religious devotion.

The Christian recounted being on a plane when it ran into a

terrible storm over a remote wilderness area. "There was

lightening and thunder all around us. The pilot told us to

brace for the crash. I dropped to my knees and prayed to God

to save us. Then for a thousand feet all around us the wind

calmed and the rain stopped. We made it to the airport. And

since then my faith has never wavered."

The Moslem then told of a terrifying incident on his

pilgrimage to Mecca. "A tremendous sandstorm came up out of

nowhere, and within minutes my camel and I were almost

buried. Sure I was going to die, I prostrated myself toward

Mecca and prayed to Allah to deliver me. And suddenly, for a

thousand feet all around me, the swirling dust settled and I

was able to make my way safely across the desert. Since then

I have been the

most devout of believers."

Nodding respectfully, the Jewish man then told his story.

"One Sabbath I was walking back from the temple when I saw a

huge sack of money just lying there at the edge of the road.

It had clearly been abandoned, and I felt it was mine to take

home. But obviously this would have been a violation of the

Sabbath. So I dropped to my knees and prayed to Yahweh. And

suddenly, for a thousand feet all around me, it was Tuesday!"

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