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How Many Motivational Speakers?

Imam Mahdi Funny: Hey, Mahahaharaj.
Swami Mahahaharaj: Yes?
Imam Mahdi Funny:
How many motivational speakers does it take to change a light bulb?
Swami Mahahaharaj: Hmmm...I don't know. How many?
A. One to do it, and every other one on earth to stand around saying that they did it first in the 80s.

Joke | Source: Belief net - Joke of the day, features on religion, spirituality, faith
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Chuck Norris once leaned again...

Chuck Norris once leaned against a tower in Pisa, Italy.
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Joke | Source: Daily Chuck - Daily Chuck Norris Fact
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Funny video of the day - Fliping the pipe magnet and copper pipe

Fliping the pipe magnet and copper pipe - Floating piece of magnet in pipe - link to page video is posted initially.
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Whisky Is A Brilliant Invention.

One Double And You Start Feeling Single Again.
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Joke | Source: Daily Jokes - Database of funniest jokes
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Little Johnny comes downstairs...

Little Johnny comes downstairs crying.

His mother asked, �What�s the matter now?�

�Dad was hanging pictures, and just hit his thumb with the hammer,� said little Johnny through his tears.

�That�s not so serious,� soothed his mother. �I know you are upset, but a big boy like you shouldn�t cry at something like that. Why didn�t you just laugh?"

�I did!� sobbed Johnny.

Joke | Source: MHINTZ0929's Blog - New funny joke each day
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Funny Photo of the day - FOUND HIM!

FOUND HIM! | Source : Jokes photos - Used to be - WTF Pictures and WTF videos - but site no longer exists
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Weather For The Dogs

To tell the weather, go to your back door and look for the dog.

If the dog is at the door and he is wet, it's raining. If the dog is
standing there really soaking wet, it is raining very hard.

If the dog's fur looks like it's been rubbed the wrong way, it's windy.

If the dog has snow on his back, it's probably snowing.

Of course, to be able to tell the weather like this, you have to leave
the dog outside all the time, especially if you expect bad weather.


Joke | Source: everything zoomer - is the lifestyle site for the discriminating
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End of the World Headlines

When the end of the world arrives how will the media report it?




Microsoft Systems Journal: APPLE LOSES MARKET SHARE

Victoria's Secret Catalog: OUR FINAL SALE

Sports Illustrated: GAME OVER



Readers Digest: ‘BYE






Joke | Source: Joke Diary - Really Funny Jokes Daily
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Calculate the number 824

NUMBERMANIA: Calculate the number 824 using numbers [2, 6, 3, 5, 61, 942] and basic arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /). Each of the numbers can be used only once.
Brain Teasers, puzzles, riddles, mathematical problems, mastermind, cinemania...

Little Johnny comes downstairs...

Little Johnny comes downstairs crying. His mother asked, “What’s the matter now?”
“Dad was hanging pictures, and just hit his thumb with hammer,” said little Johnny through his tears. “That’s not so serious,” soothed his mother. “I know you are upset, but a big boy like you shouldn’t cry at something like that. Why didn’t you just laugh?
“I did!” sobbed Johnny.
Joke | Source: A joke a day - Free Jokes of the Day Clean Funny Jokes via Email, Humor and Entertainment
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Two lawyers met at a cocktail ...

Two lawyers met at a cocktail party late one night.

'How’s business?' asked the first.

'Rotten,' replied the other. 'Yesterday, I chased an ambulance for twenty miles. When I finally caught up to it, there were already two other lawyers hanging on to the bumper.'
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Mary's fourth grade homework assignment was to make sentences using the words in her spelling list, along with the definition. Coming across the word "frugal" in the list, she asked her father what it meant.

He explained that being frugal meant you saved something.

Her paper read: "Frugal: to save."

Sentence: "Maid Marion fell into a pit when she went walking in the woods so she yelled for someone to come get her out. She yelled 'Frugal me, Frugal me!'"

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Wyoming Crazy Law

  • You may not take a picture of a rabbit during the month of June.
  • It is illegal to wear a hat that obstructs people's view in a public theater or place of amusement.
  • It is illegal for women to stand within five feet of a bar while drinking.


  • Citizens may not take showers on Wednesdays.

  • Joke | Source: Joke of the Day - Jokes served hot and fresh daily.
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    Going Fishing

    A keen country lad applied for a salesman's job at a city department

    store. In fact it was the biggest store in the world - you could get

    anything there. The boss asked him, "Have you ever been a salesman


    Yes, I was a salesman in the country" said the lad. The boss liked the cut of him and said, "You can start tomorrow and I'll come and see you when we close up."

    The day was long and arduous for the young man, but finally 5 o'clock came

    around. The boss duly fronted up and asked, "How many sales did you make


    "One," said the young salesman.

    "Only one?" blurted the boss, "most of my staff make 20 or 30 sales a day. How much was the sale worth?"

    "Three hundred thousand dollars," said the young man.

    "How did you manage that?" asked the flabbergasted boss.

    "Well," said the salesman "this man came in and I sold him a small fish

    hook, then a medium hook and finally a really large hook. Then I sold him

    a small fishing line, a medium one and a huge big one. I asked him where

    he was going fishing and he said down the coast.

    I said he would probably need a boat, so I took him down to the boat

    department and sold him that twenty foot schooner with the twin engines.

    Then he said his Volkswagen probably wouldn't be able to pull it, so I

    took him to the car department and sold him the new Deluxe Cruiser."

    The boss took two steps back and asked in astonishment, "You sold all that to a guy who came in for a fish hook?"

    "No," answered the salesman "He came in to buy a box of Tampons for his

    wife and I said to him, 'Your weekend's shot, you may as well go


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    Kirk Fox: Heroism

    We cant all be heroes... like, if there was a fire, and I had three kids in there, I dont know which one I would save. You cant save them all; somebodys feelings are definitely going to be hurt. And what if you save the kid that started the fire? Now youre living with an arsonist. Thats nothing I want to be involved in.
    Joke | Source: Comedy Central: Jokes - Jokes provided daily from Comedy Central's archive.
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    There was a blonde driving ...

    There was a blonde driving in her car on the highway.She crashed into the car infront of her and a cop came over to her and said mam what is wrong? She said officer no matter where i turn there is a tree if i turn left,right, there is a tree. The officer leaned over and said mam that is your air freshener.

    #joke #blonde
    Joke | Old joke from joke of the day archives - Check out other old jokes Wednesday, 16 December 2009
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    The Devil

    George Bush, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to hell.
    While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth.
    Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes him a check.
    Next Queen Elizabeth calls England and talks for 30 minutes. When she is finished the devil informs her that the cost is 6 million dollars, so she writes him a check.
    Finally George Bush gets his turn and talks for 4 hours. When he is finished the devil informs him that the cost is $5.00.
    When Putin hears this he goes ballistic and asks the devil why Bush got to call the USA so cheaply. The devil smiles and replies: "Since Obama took over, the country has gone to hell, so it's a local call."
    Joke | Old joke from joke of the day archives - Check out other old jokes Tuesday, 10 August 2010
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    Stock market report...

    Helium was up, feathers were down.
    Paper was stationary.
    Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading.
    Knives were up sharply.
    Cows steered into a bull market.
    Pencils lost a few points.
    Hiking equipment was trailing.
    Elevators rose, while escalators continued their slow decline.
    Weights were up in heavy trading.
    Light switches were off.
    Mining equipment hit rock bottom.
    Diapers remained unchanged.
    Shipping lines stayed at an even keel.
    The market for raisins dried up.
    Coca Cola fizzled.
    Caterpillar stock inched up a bit.
    Sun peaked at midday.
    Balloon prices were inflated.
    Scott Tissue touched a new bottom.
    And batteries exploded in an attempt to recharge the market
    Joke | Old joke from joke of the day archives - Check out other old jokes Sunday, 10 August 2008
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    The Lawyer at the Pearly Gates

    Recently a teacher, a garbage collector, and a lawyer wound up together at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter informed them that in order to get into heaven, they would each have to answer one question.
    St. Peter addressed the teacher and asked, “What was the name of the ship that crashed into the iceberg? They just made a movie about it.” The teacher answered quickly, “That would be the Titanic.” St. Peter let her through the gate.
    St. Peter turned to the garbage man and figuring heaven didn’t REALLY need all the odors this guy would bring with him, decided to make the question a little harder: “How many people died on the ship?” But the trash man had just seen the movie, too, and he answered, “about 1,500.”
    “That’s right! You may enter,” said Peter.
    Then St. Peter turned to the lawyer and said, “Name them.”
    This joke was reprinted from "The Book of Catholic Jokes" by Deacon Tom Sheridan, with permission of ACTA Publications. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.

    #joke #lawyer
    Joke | Old joke from joke of the day archives - Check out other old jokes Tuesday, 10 August 2010
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    Angering the Irishman

    Three Englishmen were in a bar and spotted an Irishman. So, one of the Englishmen walked over to the Irishman, tapped him on the shoulder, and said, "Hey, I hear your St. Patrick was a drunken loser."

    "Oh really, hmm, didn't know that."

    Puzzled, the Englishman walked back to his buddies. "I told him St. Patrick was a loser, and he didn't care." The second Englishman remarked, "You just don't know how to set him and learn." So, the second Englishman walked over to the Irishman, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Hey, I hear your St. Patrick was lying, cheating, idiotic, low-life scum!"

    "Oh really, hmm, didn't know that."

    Shocked beyond belief, the Englishman went back to his buddies. "You're right. He's unshakable!"

    The third Englishman remarked, "Boys, I'll really tick him off... just watch." So the third Englishman walked over to the Irishman, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "I hear St. Patrick was an Englishman!"

    "Yeah, that's what your buddies were trying to tell me."

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    Problems Driving

    Two elderly women were out driving in a large car-both could barely see over the dashboard. As they were cruising along they came to an intersection. The stoplight was red but they just went on through. The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself "I must be losing it, I could have sworn we just went through a red light."
    After a few more minutes they came to another intersection and the light was red again and again they went right though. This time the woman in the passenger seat was almost sure that the light had been red but was really concerned that she was losing it. She was getting nervous and decided to pay very close attention to the road and the next intersection to see what was going on.
    At the next intersection, sure enough, the light was definitely red and they went right through and she turned to the other woman and said, "Mildred! Did you know we just ran through three red lights in a row! You could have killed us!"
    Mildred turned to her and said, "Oh, am I driving?"

    Joke | Old joke from joke of the day archives - Check out other old jokes Tuesday, 10 August 2010
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