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Q: What do you call a Filipino...

Q: What do you call a Filipino contortionist?
A: A Manila folder.
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Things Not To Say During Sex

Things Not To Say During Sex

1. When is this supposed to feel good?

2. Put that blender back in the kitchen where it belongs!

3. Did I remember to take my pill?

4. Are you sure I don't know you from somewhere?

5. I wish we got the Playboy channel..

6. That leak better be from the waterbed!

7. I told you it wouldn't work without batteries!

8. But my cat always sleeps on that pillow.

9. If you quit smoking you might have more endurance.

10. No, really.. I do this part better myself!

11. It's nice being in bed with a woman I don't have to inflate!

12. This would be more fun with a few more people.

13. You're almost as good as my ex!

14. Do you know the definition of statutory rape?

15. Perhaps you're just out of practice.

16. They're not cracker crumbs, it's just a rash.

17. Now I know why he/she dumped you..

18. Does your husband own a sawed-off shotgun?

19. You give me reason to conclude that foreplay is overrated.

20. What tampon?

21. And to think, I didn't even have to buy you dinner!

22. I have a confession..

23. Are those real or am I just behind the times?

24. Is that a hanging sculpture?

25. You'll still vote for me, won't you?

26. Did I mention my transsexual operation?

27. I really hate women who actually think sex means something!

28. I'll tell you who I'm fantasizing about if you tell me who you're fantasizing about.

29. A good plastic surgeon can take care of that in no time!

30. Does this count as a date?

31. Oprah Winfrey had a show about men like you!

32. Hic! I need another beer for this please.

33. I think biting is romantic, don't you?

34. You can cook too, right?

35. When would you like to meet my parents?

36. Sorry about the name tags, I'm not very good with names.

37. I hope I didn't forget to turn the gas oven off. Do you have a light?

38. Keep it down, my mother is a light sleeper...

39. Hey, when is it going to be my friend's turn?

40. Please understand that I'm only doing this for a raise...

41. How long do you plan to be "almost there"?

42. You mean you're NOT my blind date?
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MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) - The ci...

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) - The city's tax superintendent has been suspended without pay for a week for trying to inject some humor in the city income tax filing instructions.
The forms - with such lines as, "If we can tax it, we will," - were sent last week to all Middletown businesses and residents who pay city income tax.
The attempt at humor by Linda Stubbs was called "misguided" by city Finance Director John Lyons.
Lyons said revised forms were sent out immediately at a cost to taxpayers of about $5,500.
Among the lines that city officials didn't think were very funny was this one:
"Free advice: if you don't have a profit in a five-year period, you might want to consider another line of work."
Middletown is about 25 miles northeast of Cincinnati.
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Special golf ball

Two friends went out to play golf and were about to tee off, when one fellow noticed that his partner had just one golf ball.

“Don't you have at least one other golf ball?” he asked.

The other guy replied that no, he only needed the one.

“Are you sure?” the friend persisted. “What happens if you lose that ball?”

The other guy replied, “This is a very special golf ball. I won't lose it so I don't need another one.”

"Well,” the friend asked, “what happens if you miss your shot and the ball goes in the lake?”

“That's OK,” he replied, “this special golf ball floats. I'll be able to retrieve it.”

“Well what happens if you hit it into the trees and it gets lost among the bushes and shrubs?”

The other guy replied, “That's OK too. You see, this special golf ball has a homing beacon. I'll be able to get it back -- no problem.”

Exasperated, the friend asks, “OK. Let's say our game goes late, the sun goes down, and you hit your ball into a sand trap. What are you going to do then?”

“No problem,” says the other guy, “you see, this ball is florescent. I'll be able to see it in the dark.”

Finally satisfied that he needs only the one golf ball, the friend asks, “Hey, where did you get a golf ball like that anyway?”

The other guy replies, “I found it.”

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Funny Photo of the day - Camping at the airport

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Everybody should pay their taxes with a smile.

I tried it but they wanted cash.

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It is pouring rain in the flood plain of the Mississippi Valley, and the rising river begins to threaten all manner of private homes, including that of the local Rabbi.
With water coming into the ground floor, a rowboat with police comes by, and the officer shouts, "Rabbi, let us evacuate you! The water level is getting dangerous."
The Rabbi replies, "No thank you, I am a righteous man, who trusts in the Almighty, and I am confident he will deliver me." Three hours go by, and the rains intensify, at which point the Rabbi has been forced up to the second floor of his house.A second police rowboat comes by, and the officer shouts, "Rabbi, let us evacuate you! The water level is getting dangerous."
The Rabbi replies, "No thank you, I am a righteous man, who trusts in the Almighty, and I am confident he will deliver me."
The rain does not stop, and the Rabbi is forced up onto the roof of his house. A helicopter flies over, and the officer shouts down, "Rabbi, grab the rope and we'll pull you up! You're in terrible danger!"
The Rabbi replies, "No thank you, I am a righteous man, who trusts in the Almighty, and I am confident he will deliver me."
The deluge continues, and the Rabbi is swept off the roof, carried away in the current and drowns. He goes up to heaven, and at the Pearly Gates he is admitted, and comes before the Divine Presence.
The Rabbi asks, "Dear Lord, I don't understand. I've been a righteous observant person my whole life, and depended on you to save me in my hour of need. Where were you?"
And the Lord answered, "I sent two boats and a helicopter, what more do you want?"
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Find number abc

If 7ab3b + 2349a = c02c34 find number abc. Multiple solutions may exist.
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Before performing a baptism, the priest approached the young father and said solemnly, "Baptism is a serious step. Are you prepared for it?"

"I think so," the man replied. "My wife has made appetizers and we have a caterer coming to provide plenty of cookies and cakes for all of our guests."

"I don't mean that," the priest responded. "I mean, are you prepared spiritually?"

"Oh, sure," came the reply. "I've got a keg of beer and a case of whiskey."

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Knock Knock Collection 029

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Burton who?
Burton in the hand is worth two in the bush!
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Bush who?
Bush your money where your mouth is!
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Butch who?
Butch your arms around me!
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Butcher who?
Butcher money where your mouth is!
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Butter who?
Butter bring an umbrella, it looks like it might rain!

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Humor about Drunk Irishmen

Casey McCarthy had just arrived in New York City and was amazed at the enormity of everything. Having drunk a pint or two on the flight over, he sorely needed to relieve himself. The first door he entered happened to be a large health club, and he asked the clerk if he might use the men's room. The clerk said certainly and told Casey the men's room was the third door down the corridor on the left. Now Casey, trying to appear sober, weaved his way down the hallway remembering some of the directions. When he reached the third door, he turned RIGHT , opened the door and immediately fell into the deep end of a pool. The clerk, realizing Casey's mistake, ran down the hall and burst through the door, prepared to save him, and heard Casey shout, "Don't flush, I'm in here!"

For a holiday, Mulvaney decided to go to Switzerland to fulfill a lifelong dream and climb the Matterhorn. He hired a guide and just as they neared the top, the men were caught in a snow slide.

Three hours later, a Saint Bernard plowed through to them, a keg of brandy tied under his chin.

"Hooray!" shouted the guide. "Here comes man's best friend!"

"Yeah," said Mulvaney. "An' look at the size of the dog that's bringin' it!"

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“The doors just broke...

“The doors just broke, I could fix it, but it hinges on other things.”

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Bad Boomerang

Q: What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?

A: A stick.

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Good news...bad news...

"I have good news and bad news," a defense attorney told his client.

"First the bad news: The blood test came back, and your DNA is an exact match with the sample found on the victim's dress."

"Oh, no - I'm ruined!" cried the client. "What's the good news?"

"Your cholesterol is down to 140!"

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Afraid of the Dark

A little boy was afraid of the dark. One night his mother told him to go out to the back porch and bring her the broom.

The little boy turned to his mother and said, "Mama, I don't want to go out there. It's dark."

The mother smiled reassuringly at her son. "You don't have to be afraid of the dark," she explained. "Jesus is out there. He'll look after you and protect you."

The little boy looked at his mother real hard and asked, "Are you sure he's out there?"

"Yes, I'm sure. He is everywhere, and he is always ready to help you when you need him," she said.

The little boy thought about that for a minute and then went to the back door and cracked it a little. Peering out into the darkness, he called, "Jesus? If you're out there, would you please hand me the broom?"

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Jim Gaffigan: The Book vs. the Movie

You ever talk about a movie with someone that read the book? Theyre always so condescending. Ah, the book was much better than the movie. Oh really? What I enjoyed about the movie: no reading.
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