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Two guys in a life raft in the...

Two guys in a life raft in the middle of the ocean. One sees an old bottle floating. He picks it up and rubs it,and a genie comes out.

The genie says, "For letting me out, I will grant you one wish." The guy says, (without thinking) "Turn this ocean into beer". And the ocean turns into the best beer anybody has ever tasted.

The second guy says to the first, "You idiot, now we'll have to piss in the boat".
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Poundstretchers and Marks & Sp...

Poundstretchers and Marks & Spencer are to amalgamate to beat the credit crunch. They will be known as Stretchmarks!
Dode Broadleaf, Drylaw

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Why did the supermodel stare a...

Why did the supermodel stare at the can of orange juice? Because it said "concentrate."
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You Thought Y2K Would Be Bad...

The businessman dragged himself home and barely made it to

his chair before he dropped exhausted.

His sympathetic wife was right there with a tall cool drink

and a comforting word. "My, you look tired," she said. "You

must have had a hard day today. What happened to make you so


"It was terrible," her husband said. "The computer broke

down and all

of us had to do our own thinking."

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Happy New Year…Is Everybody Happy!!!??? (Author A. Nonymous)

I want you to be the first to send you this Happy New Year g Answering Machine Messages

Hi, this is Stephanie's answering machine.

If you're the phone company asking for money, stop bugging her, she'll send it sooner or later. If you're a TV company advertising TVs, she already has a TV with every channel known to man, and several known to monkeys.

If you called for any other reasons, please hang up the phone, start screaming, and run to the nearest shoe store. When you get there, ask them for a cheeseburger. (This probably won't help you, but we'll always have something to laugh about when we're bored.)

Answering Machine Messages

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A student received a software ...

A student received a software package from his friend. But, he didn't have a computer.

The label on the package said that the software required "Windows 3.1 or better."

So, he bought a Macintosh.

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